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About Us

Est. 1952

Welcome to Medary Acres! We are a family owned seasonal retail greenhouse in Brookings, SD. Medary Acres has been serving Brookings and the surrounding area for over 60 years! We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality plants and customer service. Whether you're new to gardening or you have years of experience, we can help you find what you need. Come see us from mid-April to mid-June; we're worth the drive!

Happy Planting,

Brian, Lynn, Sarah, & Sam Darnall

Our Team

Brian Darnall

Since 1972

Lynn Darnall

Since 1978

Sarah Darnall

Since 2008

Claire Derdall

Since 2010

Mary Egart

Since 1979

Linda Whitaker

Since 1977

Melody Gelderman

Since 1991

Melanie Betlach

Since 1989

Lynn Graham

Since 2011

Lori DeBoer

Since 2007

Vikki Schaack

Since 1989

Vicky Cites

Since 2013

Larry Stamer

Since 2009

Kami Kurtenbach

Since 2016

Jeanne Melmer

Since 2008

Glenda Derdall

Since 2009

Cathy Hoss

Since 1989

Gail Meland

Since 2008

Beth Ribstein

Since 2013

Voleta Schnabel

Since 2018

Breah Waldron

Since 2016

Bonnie Zink

Since 2014

Allison Meland

Since 2015

Tyler Werlinger

Since 2019

April Sorenson

Since 2019

Mark Binkley

Since 2019

Chris Morris

Since 2000


Inga Trygstad

Since 2007

Nancy Parriott

Since 2011

Linda Oines

Since 1990

Dory Armitage

Since 2007