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Closed for the season!
605 692 5816

We get your garden started...

Qsymia phentermine dose, Phentermine Online Scams

Welcome to Medary Acres! We are a family owned seasonal retail greenhouse in Brookings, SD. Medary Acres has been serving Brookings and the surrounding area for 66 years! We pride ourselves on offering high quality plants and great customer service. Whether you’re new to gardening or you have years of experience, we can help you find what you need. Come see us from mid-April to mid-June. We’re worth the drive!

We’ve also just added a brand new online store where you can skip the line and order gift cards from home. Click the “shop” page to order!

Happy Planting,

Brian, Lynn, Sarah, & Sam Darnall

Qsymia phentermine dose, Phentermine Online Scams




years owned and operated in Brookings, South Dakota!
varieties of plants to choose from!
FULL acre of annuals, perennials, vegetables, and more!

Transform your home into a garden!

We have hundreds of plants to choose from!


Add some color to your home!

Cheap Phentermine Next Day Delivery

Impatiens - Accent Red Star - Basket
Hanging Baskets

Hang them up or set them down!

Cheap Phentermine Next Day Delivery


They'll come back every year!

Cheap Phentermine Next Day Delivery


Add some flare to your yard!

Cheap Phentermine Next Day Delivery

Should I Only Grow What I Know?

Like all avid gardeners I have trusted favorites that I plant every year. Each year I make an effort to try something new in my beds or in my pots. I always learn something and you never know when you will find a new favorite! – Linda W.

Phentermine Buy Online Canada

What if my plants outgrow their pots?

Plants are not armed and dangerous! If something in your pot gets too big, get your scissors and trim away! In fact, I like to be constantly trimming my pots rather than having a big “haircut” day. It’ll never show that way and it keeps them looking good. – Vikki S.

Phentermine Buy Online Canada

How do I maintain garden tools?

To keep your garden tools in tip-top shape, keep a five-gallon bucket filled with sand mixed with oil in your garden shed (I use motor oil). When returning to your garden shed plunge tools into sand/oil mixture several times. Then pull out the clean, oiled tools. This not only cleans them, it prevents rust. – Lynn G.

Phentermine Buy Online Canada