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Caladium – Green with Orangish Red

Caladium – Green and Pink


Black-Eyed Susan Vine – Yellow Thunbergia

Black-Eyed Susan Vine – Orange Thunbergia

Begonia – Unbelievable Tweetie Pie

Begonia – Unbelievable Lucky Strike

Begonia – Super Olympia White

Begonia – Super Olympia Rose

Begonia – Super Olympia Red

Begonia – Solenia Apricot

Begonia – Sandrine

Begonia – Nelly

Begonia – Gryphon

Begonia – Camilla

Begonia – Bronze Leaf – Megawatt Rose

Begonia – Batik

Begonia – Bada Boom White

Begonia – Bada Boom Scarlet

Begonia – Bada Boom Rose

Asparagus Fern

Alstroemeria – Inca Bandit

Algerian Ivy

Variegated Solomon’s Seal – Variegatum

Siberian Iris – Caesar’s Brother

Painted Daisy – Pyrethrum Chrysanthemum – Robinson’s Mix

Leptinella – Platt’s Black

Lamb’s Ear Stachys – Fuzzy Wuzzy

Lady’s Mantle – Alchemilla – Goldstrike

Jacob’s Ladder – Polemonium

Jacob’s Ladder – Polemonium – Touch of Class

Jacob’s Ladder – Polemonium – Stairway to Heaven

Jacob’s Ladder – Polemonium – Brise dAnjou

Hosta – Rainbow’s End

Daylily – Stella D’oro

Dame’s Rocket – Hesperis – Sweet Rocket Mix

Coral Bells – Ruffles ‘n Truffles

Archangel Lamiastrum – Herman’s Pride

Stonecrop Sedum – Birthday Party

Yarrow Achillea – Song Siren Angie