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Super Dwarf Banana Plants

SunPatiens – Spreading Salmon Variegated

SunPatiens – Spreading Pink Flash

SunPatiens – Spreading Corona

SunPatiens – Spreading Carmine Red

SunPatiens – Compact Royal Magenta

SunPatiens – Compact Red

SunPatiens – Compact Orange

SunPatiens – Compact Lilac

SunPatiens – Compact Electric Orange

SunPatiens – Compact Deep Rose

SunPatiens – Compact Coral Pink

SunPatiens – Compact Blush Pink

Scented Geranium – Variegated Nutmeg

Scented Geranium – Torento Ginger

Scented Geranium – Sweet Mimosa

Scented Geranium – Strawberry

Scented Geranium – Peppermint

Scented Geranium – Orange

Scented Geranium – Mosquito Plant Citronella

Scented Geranium – Lime

Scented Geranium – Lemon

Scented Geranium – Lemon Rose

Scented Geranium – Coconut

Scented Geranium – Chocolate Mint

Scented Geranium – Attar of Roses

Scented Geranium – Apple

Rieger Begonia – Veronica

Rieger Begonia – Peggy

Rieger Begonia – Netja Dark

Rieger Begonia – Eva

Rieger Begonia – Carneval

Rieger Begonia – Brift Dark

Rieger Begonia – Blitz

Rex Begonia – Spitfire

Rex Begonia – Salsa

Rex Begonia – Red Tango

Rex Begonia – Red Kiss

Rex Begonia – Red Bull

Rex Begonia – Paso Doble