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Our Plants

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Strawberry – Albion

Stox – Vintage Mix

Stonecrop – Coppertone

Stevia – Sugar Bush

Statice – Fortress Mix

Squash – Yellow Zucchini

Squash – Spaghetti

Squash – Green Zucchini

Squash – Early Butternut

Squash – Buttercup

Squash – Acorn

Snowflake Double White Gypsophila

Snowbelle Mockorange

Snapdragon – Rocket Mix

Snapdragon – Montego Formula Mix

Snapdragon – Madam Butterfly

Snapdragon – Liberty Classic Yellow

Snapdragon – Liberty Classic White

Snapdragon – Liberty Classic Rose Pink

Snapdragon – Liberty Classic Mix

Snapdragon – Liberty Classic Crimson

Shamrock Oxalis Hybrid – Charmed Wine

Setcreasea – Purple Queen

Sedum Adolphii

Sedge Carex Buchananii – Red Rooster

Sanvitalia – Mandarin Orange

Salvia Splendens – Ablazin Tabasco

Salvia Microphylla – Hot Lips

Salvia Guaranitica – Black and Blue

Salvia Farinacea – Victoria Blue

Salvia – Vista White

Salvia – Vista Purple

Salvia – Summer Jewel Red

Salvia – Summer Jewel Pink

Salvia – Strata

Salvia – Salsa Scarlet

Salvia – Sallyfun Sky Blue

Salvia – Mealycup Sage – Sallyfun Blue Emotion

Salvia – Evolution Violet

Sagittaria Latifolia – Arrowhead