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Our Plants

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Calibrachoa – Aloha Red

Calibrachoa – Aloha Kona White

Calibrachoa – Aloha Kona Hot Pink

Calibrachoa – Aloha Hot Pink

Calibrachoa – Aloha Canary Yellow

Cactus – Various

Cactus – Gymnocalycium

Cabernet Barberry

Cabbage – Red

Cabbage – Late

Cabbage – Early

Brussels Sprouts – Jade Cross E

Browallia – Marine Bells

Broccoli – Castle Dome

Bluebells – Ruellia Brittoniana

Blanket Flower – Galya Blazing Sun

Black Lace Elderberry

Bidens – Bidy Gonzales

Bidens – Bidy Gonzales Trailing

Bells of Ireland

Beans – Blue Lake Bush

Basil – Sweet

Basil – Sweet Dani

Basil – Siam Queen

Basil – Licorice

Basil – Lemon

Basil – Cinnamon

Basil – Aristotle

Balsam – Topknot Mix

Arrowwood Viburnum – Blue Muffin


Angleface – Perfectly Pink

Angelonia – Serenita Purple

Angelonia – Serenita Pink

Angelonia – Carita White

Angelonia – Carita Cascade Raspberry

Angelface – Wedgwood Blue

Alyssum – Clear Crystal White

Alyssum – Clear Crystal Purple Shades

Alternanthera – Red Carpet