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Our Plants

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Foxy – Digitalis

Foxglove – Illumination Flame

Foxglove – Berry Canary

Fountain Grass – Red Bunny Tails

Flowering Cabbage – Osaka Mix

Floribunda Rose – Sparkle and Shine

Floribunda Rose – Intrigue

Floribunda Rose – Candy Cane Cocktail

Florence Fennel

Feather Grass Stipa – Ponytails

Fan Flower – Whirlwind Blue

Fan Flower – Pink Wonder

Euryops Pectinatus – Bush Daisy

Euphorbia Hybrid – Diamond Frost

Eucalyptus Cinerea

Eggplant – Hansel

Eggplant – Black Beauty


Echeveria Shaviana – Rosea

Echeveria Elegans

Easy Elegance – High Voltage

Easy Elegance – Como Park

Easy Elegance – All The Rage

Dwarf Pink Bells

Dwarf Pavement Rose

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Dwarf European Cranberrybush

Dwarf Burning Bush

Dusty Miller – Silverdust

Double Impatiens – Rockapulco Rose

Double Impatiens – Rockapulco Red

Double Impatiens – Rockapulco Orchid

Double Impatiens – Rockapulco Dark Orange

Double Impatiens – Rockapulco Coral Reef


Dill – Anethum Graveolens

Dianthus – Ideal Select Mix

Darts Gold Ninebark

Daisy – Pure White Butterfly

Daisy – Butterfly